Hi, I'm Fintan! I'm a B2B SaaS Marketer.

✍️ Here's the deal: you know quality content is the best way to grow your awesome SaaS business. But there's a problem...⏰ Managing your marketing content takes heaps of time & lots of resources to get right. And as a busy entrepreneur, those things aren't exactly in ample supply, right?🚀 So, why not make life easy and let me do the heavy lifting? I'll research your audience and create search-topping, audience-boosting, authority-bolstering articles that get your business the attention it deserves.📝I have 5+ years of experience in content production and distribution and have worked with a range of awesome clients, including start-ups, established SaaS companies, creative agencies, and international brands.💰But better than that, I'm a writer with a marketer's heart. I understand exactly what it takes to seduce traffic and convert visitors into paying customers. Because at the end of the day, your business runs on sales.

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